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ABOUT BulletProof Jewelry

Well you just asked a large question! BulletProof is my little brainchild of too much free time and my entrepreneurial spirit! 


It all started one day when I saw a video online that detailed how to make headphones out of bullet casings. I loved the idea and decided to try to make a pair for myself! I went down to the local shooting range in Edmonton and found myself walking out with 1500 9mm bullet casings! Unfortunately they couldn't sell just 2! I brought this box of empty casings home and made my pair of headphone... sort of. Still learning how to solder it didn't end so well, three times over. Now I’m left with around 1400 casings and no idea what to do with them. Following the idea of having them on your ears I started to make earrings for friends and family. Just a little fun thing to keep me busy! After leaving it for a while thinking that it couldn't really go much further than friends and family I took a small break. 


Summer rolled around and went off to a facilitation-training course in Arizona. Facilitators facilitating facilitators?! There I met a young lady who herself was an entrepreneur. For the entirety of the trip we talked and talked about business and our dreams for them! She became really my first mentor and I can not thank her enough for re-igniting my spark, offering me so much guidance and sharing so much knowledge of entrepreneurship with me. I came home fired up ready to continue! 


Going to give one last kick at the can, I brought in the last three basic earrings I was making for friends to the bar I was working at the time. Thinking if this doesn't stir something up ill leave it be and move on. Without even saying a word the servers saw the earrings from across the room and came flying to see them closer. I gave these three away to the three that saw them first and had more and more of the servers asking for them, not only the night that I brought them in but also the rest of the week! 


From that night I started to put more time and more effort into my product, refining my process, designing something that I would be proud to show the world and maybe one day the queen!


Thank you so much for coming to my website and considering to wear my jewelry! Many sleepless nights, many tears and a dash of blood have gone into each and every creation. From beginning to the end I stand behind my product and hope that you will love them as well! 


Another massive thank you goes out to my two amazing parents who have supported me through the inception of this business to where I am now. I’m sure I’ve caused them more than a few grey hairs from going straight from high school directly into trying to run my own business. It’s a scary thing hearing your son say, "I want to be an entrepreneur!" They’ve kept a roof over my head, food in my belly; given me a warm place to sleep and some much needed advice over the course of this adventure. I cannot thank them enough or ever repay them for what they have done for me.


One dollar from every purchase will be donated to a charity involved with mental health! All of our products with red, blue and green crystals donations will go directly to first responder mental health initiatives! Mental health has been a huge part of my life for a long time. I believe that we are all here to help each other, offer a hand, and a smile with others even when we are in a dark place.  Kindness is the key to a happy life.